The Interesting Problem of the Middle Class

I was reading this article on The Guardian’s website.  The most interesting part to me was the ending, where Jonathan Haidt said:

In sum, the left has a tendency to place caring for the weak, sick and vulnerable above all other moral concerns. It is admirable and necessary that some political party stands up for victims of injustice, racism or bad luck. But in focusing so much on the needy, the left often fails to address – and sometimes violates – other moral needs, hopes and concerns. When working-class people vote conservative, as most do in the US, they are not voting against their self-interest; they are voting for their moral interest. They are voting for the party that serves to them a more satisfying moral cuisine. The left in the UK and USA should think hard about their recipe for success in the 21st century.

This seems very Benjamin Franklinesque.  The republicans brand themselves as on the side of the rich as an aid to help create a better economy, while democrats brand themselves as the party of equity and fair play.  Both parties, however, seem to be getting a lot of money from big business…