Links for your linking pleasure (7.7.11)

TFA Gets Owned by the NEA
The National Education Association (NEA) finally gives Teach for America (TFA) a piece of its mind. I am sympathetic to TFA because of the good they try to do in historically hard to staff teaching areas, but I share many of the concerns that the article seems to address. Michelle Rhee, after all, was once just a lowly teacher in TFA and look where she ended up.

Sola Scriptura vs. Prima Scriptura
Scot McKnight reviews a book by N. Clayton Croy that argues that we primarily use scripture rather than only use scripture. Scripture, according to Croy, can only be interpreted within the context of other contextual factors. What think you?

To Hell or Not to Hell?
That is the question that John Frye asks on Scot McKnight’s blog. The comments after the post are the most interesting part to me.

Teaching about Homosexuality in Schools
Teaching about homosexuality will become required and more prominent if Gov. Brown of California signs this CA legislation.

Do College Scholarships “Pay off?”
According to Wisconsin, yes they do.


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