The Delicacy of Language

Keeping a blog sometimes goes against my ideal of listening first.  Language can be such a difficult thing and I try to be careful with each word I say.

There is a reason that Solomon and others called words flaming arrows.  There is no way to take them back once they have been thrown.

Language, in so many ways, is the most abusive and, paradoxically, the most delicate thing we give others.  It is one of those peculiar things that everyone has, but no one can seem to monopolize.  When those like Rome tried to snuff the light of language, the early Christians created a subversive code to keep their dying religion alive.

So today, with language so free, the abundance of words and resources about God and for God somehow seems to diminish the study as a whole.  I hope that we can find a prayer and a liturgy that is sufficient for us with just a few subversive words such as:

Christi crux est mea lux.


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