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Thoughts on Cultural Constructs
How do cultural constructs affect us?

Or perhaps this Calvin and Hobbes comic says something about Cultural Constraints:

A New Conservative Bible Translation?
We can’t figure out if this is for real, or if this is a joke, but apparently there is a new bible translation that is trying to get rid of “liberal” interpretations. I have linked you to Dr. Mariottini’s site where he talks about the many problems with trying to create a translation theologically rather than by trying to say what the original author’s actually intended. I know that it is difficult to do this, but it hurts my heart when I see people totally disregard the process for something more black and white.

The Lord’s Prayer

Mennonite Style

Hauerwas at APU
This is exciting! I hope I can go.

Baptism of the Special Needs
Internet Monk (Michael Spencer) has written a piece on what to do with the baptism of special needs children in the Baptist tradition. I come from a family of Baptists, although I do not consider myself baptist, so I can understand some of the complexities of the issue he faced. Baptism is a confusing endeavor for protestants because we moved away from the long tradition in the Catholic Church of infant baptism. Within our culture, we changed the meaning of baptism to something that protestants thought was more appropriate to “sola scriptura.” There is, however, no clear teaching from scripture on how baptism should work. There are many examples of baptism in narrative form, but no clear doctrinal positions we can necessarily make on the issue. I found Spencer’s post both interesting and confusing. I especially like Halden’s post on denying baptism.


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