Why I Watch Fox News (Sometimes)

I randomly searched blogs on google today to see what popped up with the search term Bill O’Reilly.  I came across this story that gives the transcript of an interview Bill did with Bernie Goldberg a few days ago.

In the transcript, Goldberg gives three reasons why he thinks Fox News is criticized so often: (1) Fox News is consistently more conservative than the other major networks, (2) Fox News is successful despite its conservatism and (3) Fox News is provocative.

If I had to choose between watching the rants and rage of Bill O’Reilly over someone like Charlie Rose or Keith Olbermann, I would choose Rose or Olbermann almost any day.  So why do I watch Fox, and especially O’Reilly?  First, because I think O’Reilly is often comical in his talking points and with his guests.  He consistently belittles his guests and his talking points are little more than conservative propaganda spiced up to look centrist.

So why would do I watch it?

The same reason I find the circus entertaining: It entertains me while I eat my dinner.

I usually flip back and forth between O’Reilly’s show and Countdown with Keith Olbermann during the five o’clock hour.  Sometimes I feel guilty for boosting the ratings that O’Reilly so often opines about on his show, but sometimes I think it is worth the laughs I get from watching how idiotic he can sometimes be.


3 thoughts on “Why I Watch Fox News (Sometimes)

  1. I like your perspective. I wish I could watch O’Reily and people like him without getting annoyed and without taking them so seriously. But it’s precisely because I don’t think they should be taken seriously that I get so riled up… because I can’t help but remember that people, many people, people I know, take them seriously and THAT’s what makes me angry.

  2. Wes,
    You should go to Keith Olbermann’s site and look for his “Worst Persons in the World” and watch the one about why O’Reilly should be fired. Olbermann is soooo funny and always does such a good job of taking Bill’O (as he calls him) to task.

    p.s. Read what Turpin wrote on the facebook version of this note.

  3. “Boost his ratings”, how would that happen? Do you think that every television in the U.S. has a direct link to a rating service. Typical shallow liberal logic.

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