…links for your linking pleasure 38…

New Music
New Music for Pete Yorn teaming up with actress Scarlett Johannsson. This reminds me a bit of She and Him (the teaming up of M. Ward with Zooey Deschanel). Click the link above to see a great deal on the album.

District 9: Movie Review
Still haven’t seen the movie? I suggest it.

Scot McKnight’s Thoughts on Jealousy vs. Envy
Scot McKnight talks about some of the differences between jealousy and envy (HT: Halden)

Slow Food
A campaign for children to eat REAL food that is fairly traded (HT: Andrew Jones)

Conversation between Church and Gay Community
A link above to an interesting conversation on elevating the conversation between the church and the gay community.

How to make Church Music Sound Great?
Well, perhaps it’s as easy as emulating those artists you love. Click the link above for the full story.

Zen Marketing
I wonder if you could insert the word Christian for Zen and get the same results?

Unconditional Praise
Who would have thought that praising children too much gives them less self-esteem? This is true too in a work environment. People need to be careful of giving too much praise to their employees, and to be specific when praising them. Don’t say, “Good job,” but, “I like how you do [insert specifically what they did well] because it [insert specifically how it helps the company].” Specific feedback is better because it helps the person know what they did right.

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