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Trinitarian Social Programs
“…If the Trinity is a legitimate way of seeking to understand the nature of God, and the world is the realm in which the Church must make the nature of God known, then one must agree with Boff that the Trinity should be the Church’s social program. There is no greater place from which to judge this agreement than in considering how the Church’s Trinitarian theology works itself out both as a diligent pursuer of equality and as an initiator of personal and corporate equality.” (HT: Jonathon, you might as see his review on Don Miller’s new book)

On Capitalism, Growth, and Cancer
“Modern capitalism has created a world totally different from anything known before. Previous ages have assumed that resources are limited and that economics – housekeeping – is about how to distribute them fairly. Since Adam Smith, we have learned to assume that exponential growth is the basic law of economics and that no limits can be set to it. The result is that increased production has become an end in itself; products are designed to become rapidly obsolete so as to make room for more production; a minority is ceaselessly urged to multiply its wants in order to keep the process going while the majority lacks the basic necessities for existence…” -R. Bellah and associates, Habits of the Heart: Individualism and Commitment in American Life, 114.

Obama Bashing and the Church
Bob Robinson, using quotes from Thomas Friedman, makes the case as to why Christians should not participate in the demonizing of President Obama.


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