…Links for Your Linking Pleasure 36…


New Music: XYZ Affair
I found these guys on Kickstarter doing a campaign for their new album. Kickstarter is a great program if you are looking for people to support all over the world in whatever cause you like. I personally like being able to feel like I am helping out independent bands and artists.

The Nature of Piracy and Christian Theology
The children and grandchildren of Napster (a la limewire and vuze (Formerly azereus), in team with sites like pirate bay and isohunt, have shown us that there is no stopping the shift music has taken as the result of music “pirating.” If you have the time, you might look into what Pete Rollins has said on the subject and how Richard has responded (the posts can get somewhat convoluted). What all of this shows me is the importance of having an interpretative framework both for studying scripture, but also for studying history (both contemporary and ancient). This interpretative framework will guide everything in our lives including theology.


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