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America in the Hands of Glenn Beck

(thanks to Steffani for finding this)

The Art of Scripture Reading: An Eight Week Course
For those looking for a short course to introduce their congregations to how to read scripture.

What do people look for in Church?
Barry talks about what his church is looking for. I assume others may be looking for similar things.

Finding Balance in a Post-Evangelical World

Johanna Chase writes about the world she lives in after leaving evangelicalism. It is a feeling that I think many post-APU grads feel.

Dorthy Day on Catholic Anarchism
Q: How could a Christian anarchist also be a pious Catholic? Didn’t she need also to submit to the authority of the church’s hierarchy?

Someone once asked her, “What would happen if the cardinal said to close the houses of hospitality tomorrow?” And she said, “Oh, I would obey that, but then I would also refer all requests for the 1,000 people we serve on the soup line, and the 200 people we house, and all the vegetables grown and requested on our farm, I would refer all that to the cardinal’s office for him to deal with.”

Happy Constitution Day
To the document that has helped and hindered so many in America. It is a paradox as much as everything else in America is.

Suspension of the Death Penalty in Japan


Obama Decides against Missle Shield in Europe
Obviously there are going to be people on both sides who speak very loudly about the effect this is going to have on the world stage. The reality? I don’t really think it will change anything. Missile shield is one of the oxymorons that I’ve never understood. I guess they say that the best offense is a good defense.


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