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Music that I am listening to currently Clare and the Reasons:

A few new posts about the top 100 Christian blogs that might be worth your time to read.  The big question is why so many reformed blogs in the top 100?

I am working my way through Shonnie Scott’s dissertation excerpt on how the church is turning in on itself (HT: Len at NextReformation).  Some interesting things I want to highlight:

The early Christians are commonly envisioned using the temple and Jewish synagogues as gathering places for worship. This is not the case, however, as solidarity between Jews and Christians was fleeting and several sources for contempt surfaced. The Apostle Paul’s achievement of freedom and equal status for Gentile Christians and their recognition as Christians by the Jerusalem church in Acts 15 was the beginning of the end when it came to Christians and Jews assembling under the same roof. These issues, along with uniquely Christian worship practices, including the central rite of the Eucharist, made Christian worship in a synagogue intolerable to the Jews. It is estimated that somewhere between 90 AD and 100 AD Jewish Christians had been completely evicted from synagogue services…

Once Christians were excluded from worship in the synagogues, they were forced to meet elsewhere for Christian worship and thus began “the shift of the community from the Temple and its purity system to the household and its domestic sphere as the new locus of the Spirit’s action.”

Sarah and I have talked a lot about how we want to live in a house that is centered around Christian worship and community rather than a domestic private sphere where our families live isolated from everyone else.  This article has provided immense hope for an alternative way of living for me.

Wes found an interesting way to remember 9/11.

On this history front, Darren has posted some good links on working with EAL students.


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