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Before I get into some new music I am listening to, I found this article on the mp3 generation quite interesting (hat tip: Jason)

New Music that I’ve been listening to:

The Tallest man in the World is a singer-songwriter from Sweden with a certain Dylanesque qualities.  His music hooked me instantly.  I love the lyrics particularly in this song (“The Gardener”):

Horse Feathers is another singer-songwriter that is worth listening to, check him out:

Julie Clawson talks about confession as she heard it first hand at Mars Hill.  Rather than simply being about confessing your sins and feeling badly about it, she makes the point that:

“…for example, when we participate in systems that support injustices in the world we are disrupting Shalom. I would never go so far as to say that buying a banana grown by oppressed workers and with dangerous polluting pesticides is a sin in the traditional understanding of the word, but it is a failure to love and a disruption of the way things ought to be. So we can confess that we have participated in the wrong order of things, failed to support God’s Shalom, and then choose to return (repent) to the order of love and stewardship that God desires. It’s not about acts of individual sin, it’s about an orientation of love.”

I think this is important because repentance is about more than feeling about, it is a turn that we make in our lives.

Todd talks about being sub-contextual.


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