Ten Things I’ve Learned from Working at In-N-Out Burger

1. The way your present yourself and your product is just as important as the quality of your product.

2. Doing the little things right makes everything easier in the long run.

3. A lot of things in the background over the years can change, but the essentials always seem to stay the same.

4. There is a certain amount of satisfaction to leave work with a sweaty brow.

5. A compliment can go along way, both when you get one and when you give one to others at work.

6. There are two kinds of people it seems: those with tunnel vision and those who help those around them.  When working, it is an invaluable asset to have those who help.

7. Most places, including airports and Magic Mountain, consider a large apron pin a weapon and it’s annoying to walk all the way back to the car to put it back.

8. Sometimes less is more: simplicity and quality trump variety and mediocrity.

9. White pants are hard to keep clean.

10. In-N-Out: That’s what a hamburger’s all about.


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