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Shane Claiborne talks about health care Christian co-ops on CNN.  I like the ideas of alternative forms of health care that go to help actual people and not, as Claiborne notes, “line the pockets of executives” (thanks as well to On Beauty’s Road for pointing me to the Claiborne interview).  In a recent article in TIME magazine, Michael Cernew was asked, “What is the Public Option and when did it become such a flashpoint?”  His answer:

The Public Option means different things to different people. It’s almost like a Rorschack test—you put the Public Option into the healthcare debate and all of a sudden you see your hopes or your fears, depending on what you believe about the proper role of government.

If you want more on healthcare, visit the TIME section here, but notice that

For those who liked the movie Once, Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, under the band name Swell Season, are coming out with a new album which you can hear on npr.

Wes talks about the hope of the kingdom.  Is hell incompatible with the notion of the kingdom of God?


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