……links for your linking [DIS?]pleasure 18…..

Usually I like to put comics in my links, but today I felt it would be inappropriate.  The links in this installment are not going to be fun interesting links.  I hope that they disturbe you into action.

1.  Human Trafficking:  It’s real and we are complicit if we just let it happen on our watch in this global world.

2.  Should the real recipients of aid and money be women?

3.  Why do we want so much stuff?

4.  Will we really go if God calls us?

5.  Jesus turns the world upside-down.

6.  Is our view of Jesus incomplete?  Perhaps Marcus Borg can tell us why.

2 thoughts on “……links for your linking [DIS?]pleasure 18…..

  1. Yes ,indeed, all of these comments are very relevant to our day and age.We that truely know the Lord Jesus Christ as our personal God and Saviour from sin and Hell must be very involved in first of all defending those ,the innocent who cannot defend themselves,the unborn babies,slaves,abused people and others.The Holy Bible(Authorized King James of 1611), is full of many examples of this including how the Lord Jesus treated people with also clear admonitions in Proverbs24 and31 to stand up for people such as this.We are also to earnestly contend for the faith in The book of Jude.Defend and stand for the true faith no matter how it is attacked by the enemy ,the devil.Higher critisism,Atheism,evolution,false religious ideas,etc.And we also need to proclaim the gospel to all the world and to every creature.No matter there culture,background ,race,nation. Go ye into all the world,and preach the gospel to every creature. To have an eternal reward in doing the will of God. Of coarse a lost sinner cant do anything to save themselves but must hear the gospel wether preached,written, it needs to be holding forth the word of life.Wether people like it or dislike it, persecute us or not.They must repent and believe the gospel.He loved us enough to die for all our sins on the cross,he was buried, and rose from the dead.Was seen of men,and went back up to Heaven.His blood was the only sacrafice and atonement God will accept.People now need to Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved,and thy house.(Acts16:31).We are in a spiritual battle with the world,the flesh ,and the devil.The world system of Satan and a lost world of men , our own sinful natures(old man and new man if your saved) and the devil (a created being who fell,the enemy of God and us and who opposes us as we seek to glorify God and get others saved).Look to him child of God,glorify God in your body and spirit and depend on him in all your temptations,afflictions,and persecutions,and he will bring you forth a vessel for the finer.He is coming back soon for his own,the saved.(I Thessalonians 4:13-18). He will one day judge the world in righteousness by that man whom he hath ordained,The Lord Jesus Christ.

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