…..links for you linking pleasure 19…..

1.  Over at Kingdom Conversations I am continuing my series on modern day parables.  So often, the church does not take the time to consider the power of stories–especially parables.  So far I have written on business, Vietnam, Police, gas, and resumes .  My good friend Mark has also taken some time at Kingdom Conversations to write about The Other Mark.

2. The State of the Union:


3.  Andrew talks about new ideas for pastor transitions.

4.  Charlie talks about the politics of division.  I commented over there saying that I thought pro-choice and pro-life are not as hard-line as they sometimes like to think.

5.  Cat talks about living in grace.

6.  The Houston Chronicle argues that Christians are afraid of losing power (HT: Jim West)

7.  Perhaps the Singles Ministries in churches could learn a message from this:


8.  What is trinitarian hedonism you ask?  Click here to find out.  I think that Piper’s answers to the question, why create us is insufficient only because he tries to answer it.  I don’t think there is any clear answer from scripture as to why God created us.

9.  TIME’s List of people who mattered in 2008 and also how google earth can help green.

10.  Goooooooooooooooood Morning Afghanistan.

11.  Good ol’ Calvin and Hobbes:



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