…..links for your linking pleasure 16……

1.  The Wall Street Santa:


2.  Mark talks about using IM as a professor.  I applaud anyone in higher eduction who is using technology to help their students.

3.  What would you think of adding an Hindu Snowman in a Nativity scene?

4.  Tim Keller on the one gospel.

5.  I think that Americans need to think before they act:


6.  James McGrath’s review on The Religious Case Against Belief.

7.  Was it a Silent Night?

8.  What do you think of Caroline Kennedy going for the Senate Seat (what is her platform)?


9.  Brandon talking about the Christian response to shoe throwing.

10.  If you are in the area, you should think about going to Common Root 2009.  I can’t make it because of school and the distance.

11.  A good post on Sex and Money.

12.  Obama talks about how to judge his success.

And Remember:



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