….links for your linking pleasure 14…..


1.  As you might have guessed, there is more talk in the blog world about Obama’s choice of Rick Warren.  Before some get too up in arms, Swinging From the Vine argues that moderate Christians should remember that we are part of the “radical middle.”  Basically, what she means is that we have the ability to speak to both liberals and conservatives (she in turn, is referring to something she heard from Doug Padgitt).  I would add on to her insightful post that we are called to have the Bible in one hand and a newspaper in the other.  Unlike those who have super strong opinions about either democracts or republicans, we are called to be in dialogue with both sides for the advancement of Jesus’ kingdom.  There will be times when both parties fail us because neither represents the true totality of Jesus’ kingdom on earth.  Theopilgue has some recent interview excerpts from belief.net on his site and here you can see the rivaling views of Rick Warren at TED (TED is a great organization designed to help us think beyond our normal communities).  Adam Davis also chimes in wondering if this replaces Billy Graham with Warren as America’s new “top dog.”  Time has also written an article on why Gays have a Problem with Rick Warren.

2.  This link is linked from Ways of resistance and I couldn’t help but linking his link to my links: Praying if you feel led (it is QUITE funny) and if you find that one funny, you certainly will find his post on junk given to missionaries equally funny (although quite disturbing and saddening at the same time).


3.  Read Arthur’s short but witty comments on America.

4.  Why don’t people listen to “music” anymore?  This graph explains why (taken from Pat’s Links which are usually quite good and lead interesting places).

5.  Look here for a working defintion of works in the faith and works section of James.

6.  This satirical essay on New Mexico’s fundamentalists may have you laughing out loud.

7.  Theologer talks about a good kind of scary.

8.  Scot McKnight asks your opinion on conversion.  When he gave the three types of conversion, I immediately favored the first two (although I have little experience with the second because of my protestant background).  I rarely think people just come to Christianity with no background knowledge.  People, if they want to become Christians, must embrace the entire Christian story, not just bits and pieces about your best life now.

9.  Wes write about dirty dirty shepherds.

10. Perhaps Mugabe could use a little story of Lazuras and the Rich man (perhaps we all need it every now and then).



One thought on “….links for your linking pleasure 14…..

  1. Thank you for the link, Danny! In fact, thanks for posting all of these links. I always find other interesting blogs through the recommendations of other bloggers.

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