….links for your linking pleasure 12…

1.  Internet monk (Michael Spencer) talks about a better Christianity and biblical interpretation.  The article on a better Christianity is quite good.  He is arguing that we have divided the church too much with our millions of denomiations.  The article on biblical interpretation is good because it calls for us to look deeply at what it means to have a Christ-centered hermenutics.

2.  Over at the Buddhist Blog, there is talk about the possibility of a world without GodLotus in the mud (Barbar O’Brien) led me to an article that shows the Buddhist influence on Nestorian Christianity.   The article in the Boston Globe is called When Jesus Met Buddha.

3. Talk on the roots of the Mumbai attacks.

4.  Over at Conversational Theology, there is a discussion of abortion and hypocrisy.  I think that her statements are overly simplistic, but they are worth considering.

5.  I am reading Why We’re Not Emergent. and Brittian has written a post that responds to people similiar to the authors of the book.  Quoting from the comments on this post, Brittian deals with the idea that many think emergents are creating an entirely new type of Christianity.  This post has made me consider, as have may other authors, whether emergents are reforming Christianity or making an entirely new Christianity.  I have heard from many that they think emergent Christianity will be the dominant form of Christianity in thirty years.  On a side-note, the book Why We’re Not Emergent takes specific aim at Pete Rollins and we have a new interview from Rollins here with MacLaren.

6.  On Notes from Off Center, there will be a forthcoming discussion on whether it is possible to love the sinner and hate the sin.

7.  Will Head Start save education and Obama’s image?

8.  Some tips on shopping.

9.  Dr. Mariottini talks about ten important archeological discoveries having to do with the Bible.

10.  Finally, I found this at sinfest:


3 thoughts on “….links for your linking pleasure 12…

  1. Hey, thanks for the link! 🙂 Oh, and I added your blog to my RSS feed. Definitely interesting stuff ’round this site.

    Have a good one!

  2. I am a huge proponent for head start and I hope that Obama keeps the promises for education. We talk constantly in my child development classes about head start and the research behind the program.

    Head start recently posted this webcast that explains a way of assessing children and the programs, focusing on teacher-child interactions and the quality of the program, instead of specific test scores, called CLASS (classroom assessment scoring system)


    It’s long, but watch some of it. I think head start is a big key in early education that can continue through the rest of life.

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