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1.  Notes from off Center has written a good post on postmodernism.  One memorablde quote from the post:

My reading of postmodernism is that it is a fun discourse for people who have the resources and time to engage it, but it suffers from a critical anemia when it comes to action. Postmodernism is, as I have read it, primarily a method for deconstructing current forms of knowing. yet it fails on the ground that it offers no counter method for re-building.

I read Andrew’s posts in my google reader and he has really good things to say about politics and religion and I suggest you add him to your google reader.  I have my own reservations with postmodernism that I have written here.

2.  Brother Maynard over at Subversive Influence has continued the conversation on attractional vs. missional ecclecsiology.  You can go back to my previous links here to see what others have said towards the beginning of this dialogue.  There have been many complicated iterations throughout the blogosophere on this subject.  The question really lies in whether one believes that we live in a post-Christian world.  There are several studies that have shown that we are living in a world that is biblically illiterate, but to what extent we are “post-Christian” is something I do not pretend to know.  Anybody know any comprehensive studies on this?

3.  There is a critique of Doug Wilson over at Adventures in Mercy for his view on abortion.  Now, while I agree with Molly’s critique of Doug, I do have a few points to make.  While Wilson argues with an arrogant “I told you so” kind of attitude, Molly brings up the attitude of Paul’s grieving for those who are lost.  This, however, does not lessen the tension of the two passages and how Christians are to interpret these two parts of scripture.  There is the attitude that Molly brings up, encompassed so greatly by Paul and the prophetic voices and Jesus, that calls for sinners to repent and come back to the truth.  It even seems beautifully that prophets will not just make these calls from afar, but that they are willing to go down with the ship.  But there is also a tribal aspect of the Bible where the Israelites are the chosen people of God–a God that drowns Egyptians and destroys Jericho.  It is a conception of God that calls for babies of their enemies to be dashed on rocks.  What do we do this this equally biblical conception of God?

4.  Father Stephen discusses bad icons.

5.  Is Sola Scriptura in danger?


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