Trends and Seven helpful hints for Bloggers

I like to look at trends in the world and consider what value they may have for blogging.  For those people looking to “get noticed” in the blogging world, I have ten suggestions:

1.  Stop writing so much on your own blog.  The death of any blog in the age of social networks is tooting your horn too often without entering into the blogosphere to have conversations with others.  Use the google blogs search to find bloggers who share similar interests with you.  Swap e-mails with them and facebook them.  Learn about what makes them tick and link them as often as possible seamlessly into your own blog posts.

2.  Join social networks and actually participate in them.  I am a memeber of an educators social network because this is hopefully going to be my future field.  Ning is a great starter tool for those looking for social networking tools.  If you enter into a ning social network, check out all the profiles of the people in the group and whether or not they have a linked blog.  Im my google reader, I simply added everyone who has a blog within my social network into one folder.  I read these blogs daily and comment on them.  This is a great way to stay networked and to have engaging conversations both on your blog and others blogs.

3.  Blog about things that people will find interesting.  Blogs are often too personal and journaly to be of any interest to the average reader.  Write for the community.

4.  Facebook now has a way to link your blogs to your facebook so that whenever you post a blog on wordpress or blogger, it automatically posts to facebook as well as a note.  You now have an entire social network reading your notes and thinking about them.  Oftentimes those who have time to keep an extensive google reader account will read your facebook notes because it is already part of their routine.  They often find their way back to your blog after this.

5.  As the days of google reader overtake the classic magazine or newspaper style of reading, headings become even more important than ever before.  In google reader, I often only look at the bold titles to decide what to read.  I simply don’t have time to read the 3,000+ posts that I have in my google reader everyday.  My friends take first priority, and then the people who I know have written solid stuff in the past.  If you are low on my totem pole I will probably only read it if the title is interesting.

6.  Write about something unique or at least put your own spin on it.  I usually skip over a blog if I have already read about it somewhere else.  This may mean not writing about advent during advent or skipping the thanksgiving post to write about Iraq instead.  If it is unique, I am more likly to read it.

7.  Try to provide new perspectives on old issues.  Cite older research and explain why it might be wrong or incomplete in light of current culture.


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