A few Notes on Jesus, Empire, and Mark Driscoll

I would just like to state publicly that it was not my intent to sound condescending when talking about Mark Driscoll a few days ago.  My goal was to talk about some possibly fallacious statements that the church has been kicking around for the past 100 years about male vs. female sexuality.  We have been taught for so long that males are more visual than females, but have failed to deal with the fact that many women are struggling with porn, lust, and other traditionally “male” issues in our society today.  It might not be something that is talked about in church, but one study has even shown that women are more vulnerable to a variety of pornography (men are usually bound to porn that fits with their sexual orientation, but it appears that women are often aroused by both heterosexual porn and lesbian porn).

This is not really about Driscoll anymore, and I am working on a larger post still dealing with major sociological trends, but it appears that our cut and dry men’s and women’s issues are more and more become one.  With this increase in visual stimulus all around our world, it appears that women are beginning to deal with many of the same things as males, and we cannot, as so many evangelical leaders do, treat it as a simple “man” issue that women don’t struggle with.

We have to look for a new way to think about these issues….

More coming on this in the future.


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