….links for your linking pleasure 5….

1. Stanley Hauerwas is interviewed.  He talks about Bonhoeffer and politics.

2. I wrote a review a while ago on Jesus Wants to Save Christians, and recently got a book of LINK+ (the Cal Poly inter-library loan) called Jesus for President by Shane Claiborne.  They seem to be carbon copies of one another.  They both make the Exodus and the idea of prophets as dissenting political voices (with Jesus coming within this tradition) the central message of the gospel as story.  I find this story very compelling, but is this becoming something generally accepted among young Christ followers?  Or am I just making a trend out of nothing?

3. US News and World Report wonders whether a college degree is really worth anything anymore.

4. At school, I took a class on the general epistles and struggled a lot with how to interpret them properly (especially 1 Peter).  I have found a good article for those who are similiarly struggling here.


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