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1.  For those of you who read my blog on a regular basis, I am taking a bit of a haitus on new content after listening to Mark Driscoll’s latest sermon on ‘the dance of Mahanaim.’  I will try to put some other new content up here and there, but I am really going to be spending a few weeks looking at what some of the major evangelical leaders today are saying about sexuality.  I think there may be a major post coming in a few weeks on this subject.

2. As I try to get put a variety of Christian opinions about abortion on here, I am also now trying to put a variety of opinions about prop 8 on here for your linking pleasure.  Over at Bicycle Muse, I want you to read his full post on prop 8, but I want you to here this quote that particularly resonated with me:

Public policy is the act of constantly navigating between two extremes; nothing goes or anything goes. We constantly see this tension when we talk about the hot political topics of today be it abortion, immigration, economics, military action or, in this case, marriage. In other words, public policy often comes down to the tension between security and freedom; highly controlled or loosely allowed. From a secular as well as a religious standpoint, limitations and boundaries are essential for social order. The question that remains is who sets the boundaries? Are they self-imposed and do we practice self-control (anarchy)? Is control imposed upon us by others (dictatorship)? Do we gather together and agree on a common standard of control and create communal boundaries (democracy)?

3.  Over at blip there is a good discussion beginning about iconoclasts and their opponents.  I would suggest joining in if you feel strongly about it.

4.  On Beauty’s Road and Common Root are both asking how Christian communities are responding to the financial Crisis.

5.  According to these pictures, we have no financial crisis (thanks to Pat for linking me to this).

6.  Torture and America – Read all about it.

7.  What do you think of emergent homeschooling?

8.  Rumors have been circulating about Hillary being secretary of state that are more than just internet whispers. The former rival recently met with Obama in Chicago, and one person is guessing why.


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