….links for your linking pleasure 3….

1.  Washington and others are giving Obama $12 million for the transition, but note that none of this money will go to lobbyists.  They say that the transition is goign to take 450 workers.  That adds up to about $25,000 per person for two months of work plus $250,000 for expenses.  I suppose these things do add up.

2. Some hope that Obama’s cabinet will be more diverse.

3. China just signed a big deal with Iraq on Oil.

4. I try to give a variety of Christian opinions on abortion here, and over at pinkhairedgirl, there is a good argument that the arguments for being pro-choice can be akin to pro-prostitution if you make the argument right, which makes one wonder in the same vein if one could argue for the legalization of marijuana using similar arguments?

4. Is Gordon brown too idealistic in thinking that we might have a global “new deal?” I don’t think so.  I think that our nations need to be thinking globally about what is in the best interest of all nations, not just one nation over and against another.  We all have a natural advantage that, if coordinated, could do everyone good.  We have to stop thinking of ourselves as at the top and begin thinking of ourselves at the center of the world with lots of connections.

5. Our hopes and prayers are with the family of Steve Vance, who was killed in Pakistan.

6. The New York Times says NATO asks Ukraine for marriage, but Russia does not allow them to set a wedding date.


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