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1. Some thing that Joe Biden will play good cop while Obama’s new chief of staff will play bad cop.

2. One person writes on why Obama should include McCain in his cabinet. I think this is the BEST idea I have head in a while and hope that others will encourage Obama to do the same.

3. Will females be represented on Obama’s Cabinet?  This is question we all should be watching closely for in the announcements next week.

4. With the holidays coming up, Jonathon brings up the catch-22 involved with retailers this Christmas.  On the one hand, we don’t want to be consumed by consumeristic tendencies, but on the other hand not buying will hurt our economy overall.  See the New York Time Article on the economy for more.

5. Over at FP Passport, I am happy that Obama is considering a regional approach to Afghanistan, but am still angry that he is considering a bailout for automakers (Jordon Cooper seems to share my anger…while you’re there also look at what Starbucks would look like if it were a church).  I would encourage everyone again to read about the famine in Afghanistan and get president-elect Obama to help fix the conditions which lead people towads terrorism in Afghanistan.

6. Lord, we pray for Wilmington and the 7,000 who have lost their jobs in this unfortunate layoffs at DHL.  Please help Clinton County recover this and get them back on their feet.

7. The New York Time also deals with the catch-22 of foreign policy having to do with Pakistan and the Taliban.  Now that Pakistan is actually taking action, the times reports that it is much more difficult for Pakistan than they originally thought it would be.  They have to destroy elaborate tunnel system to get to the Taliban.  This would not be so difficult if they could resort to what the times calls “the scorched early policy,” but this type of fighting alienates the neutral Pakistanis and throws them further into the hands of the Taliban.  If we support Pakistan by giving them more resources, they will use it for more money in a war that, even with full sustained military action as in the region they are in now, is much more difficult to “win” because of the elusive nature of the enemy.  The soluation?  Humanitarian aid and decisions made by non-western leaders from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the Taliban.  This is the only way to get the aid in to the people who need it most.

8.  The extreme home make over Haifa Street Edition.  At least there seems to be some good news in the world. =)  Read the essay on it here.

9. The president of Iran sent a letter to congratulate Mr. Obama upsetting conservatives and receiving praise from moderate politicians.  It will be interesting to see how things turn out for Ahmahenjad in the upcoming election in Iran.  Lord, we ask for your divine presence to be in Iran.  We ask for your spirit to speak to these people.  We ask for your power to present in all of these situations.

10. Father Stephen quotes Kallistos Ware’s Cosmic Christ and it is worth reading to get an Eastern Orthodox perspective on creation.

11.  More talk about Shane Claiborne at Evangelical Political Analysis.

12. Alan Creech gives a timely post on St. Martin in the midst of veterans day.


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