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1.  This article from the New York times is especially helpful if you want to have a beginners look into the complexities of the Middle East and espeically Saudi Arabia.  The article talks about how Muslim extremists are being rehabilited in a new program in Saudi Arabia.  I have always been fascinated by the idea behind jihad, and the article brings a unique perspective from Muslims.

2.  I am growing increasingly frustrated, as I wrote here, with the call to bail out the auto industry.  Obama’s new chief of staff, Rahm Imanuel, is trying to play a bail-out of the auto industry as a chance to help upstart and “retool” to create more energy efficient cars.  What do you guys think of this?  I don’t think it will make a big difference.  I think that if the auto industries had looked at the rising gas prices and tried something innovative and cost effective, there would have already been more results in this industry.  Am I wrong? 

3.  Marty notes that American companies ignored our inreasingly changing world and kept producing SUV’s, while Japanese company took stock of the world and created more reliable cars.

4.  MGM is teaming up with Youtube to put full length movies and TV shows online.  While the initial stages don’t sound that exciting, this is a big development for the internet world.

5.  This video about “what it means to be Christian” is well made and worth looking at:

6.  Over at seeking alpha, there are demands being made if an auto bail-out is to occur. What do you think of their demands?

7. At Crystal Clear Conservative, there is also naysaying going on with the auto bail-out.

8. Jake has some good analysis of the evangelical vote in the 08 race.


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