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1.  I read something really interesting from one from one of the directors of CPT who used to work out in Middle East about peace.  He says something quite interesting in regard to how we make peace in our world (you can find the full article here):

In real listening we don’t necessarily learn so much that is new. Actually we simply recognize much of what we already know. The catch is that we all have highly-developed systems of sorting, judging and eliminating information that either doesn’t fit or makes us uncomfortable. We train ourselves to do that. By listening more deeply to outbursts, to body language and the choice of words we get hints that can move peacemaking along because we know where to get started with warnings, activism and interpretation. In real listening my impatience, prejudice, and need to analyse is overcome. I let the messenger’s total communication affect me.

2. Over at Vox Nova there is a discussion about increased gun sales in California.  Donald commented over there saying that it probably because NRAites probably think Obama is going to pass a ban on assault weapons. This is apparently driving up the cost of guns.

3. I mentioned briefly the other day the imperial cult of Rome, but over at Ways of Resistance, we are remind that there is also a cult of imperial consumerism.

4. Good quotes from McCabe on forgiveness on Alan Creech’s Blog.

5. Peter Rollins talks about ironic faith.  Here is a brief quote:

“Revelation became this idea of almost God saying something to you, whispering in your ear, and you could hear the message of the Gospel without heeding it. You could know the truth of the faith without it actually transforming your radical subjectivity. … I’m trying to de-center the idea that we can somehow have the answers without it transforming us radically.”

6. Wes talks about Socialist America.

7. Look here for an Irish interpretation of Obama.

8. Michael Spencer talks about the danger of using fear in Christianity to make people believe you.

9. Pray for Haiti.

10. The US is buying even more loans for students in spite of economic hard times.


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