Prayer of the Day

Holy and Divine God,

We ask, through your divine spirit, to bring into unity the world as you are in unity.  We pray for the end of all missiles in the world.  Please give Mr. Obama the strength and courage to avoid the war hawks and build a new kind of society where hope rather than bombs rule society.  We pray for our Russian brothers and sisters, that they too would aid in bringing your kingdom to earth through peace.  We pray as well for Secretary of State Rice as she makes her way to the Middle East.  Please give her your words and not necessarily more of America’s words.  Help her to find a way to make peace in this region alongside the peoples of the region.  May the wars stop, almighty and sovereign God.

We pray for the families of those who died in Afghanistan.  Please help bring peace and vitality back the region of Afghanistan.  We know that you are poweful and mighty enough to do this.  We pray also for peace in Tibet and for peace in North Korea.  Please help bring peace and understanding between Asia and the west.

We pray also for this day. Please bless those who curse us and help our enemies as you help us.  We want to see your power today like we have never seen it before.


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