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There is more talk of Amazon Kindle on the web (thanks to Jim West for pointing me to it).  I think it is important for people to be up to date on issues of the e-paper revolution (see the BBC’s comments here).  Microsoft is no longer in this race to try and compete with google books.  Let me make a few predictions based on this latest information:

1) The richest person will be the one who combines the iPhone with the kindle and can do it at low cost.

2) Google and apple will team up to create an online library that can be accessed through their cellular device.  There will be previews of books and the ability to buy books online.

3) There will be more decentralized books being written and desiminated via cellular devices than ever before.  Writing will become more free-form in nature.  Novels will be writen for niche audiences and complex artistic books will be much cheaper to make and print for visual enjoyment (i.e. comics)

4) Just as news has become individualized, books will also become individualized and the amount of books will increase because of the relative decrease in start-up costs.

In other news….

1) Some are arguing that evolution can inspire faith.

2) Jesus manifesto is dealing with issues of dispensantionalism and eschatologySam argues on there that the dispensationalist view of the second coming holds a paradox: the first time Jesus comes to save the prostitute and the second time he comes to kill them.  He struggles with how to make the two different missions of Jesus come together.  He brings up the point that our end-times eschatology influences of practice of church (for the intellecutal: ecclesiology).  Often a dispensationalist theology, he argues, makes us unconcerned with the present world.  Do you agree?

3) Visit here for up to date news on decisions for Obama’s cabinet.  I personally would like to see Colin Powell in his cabinet. What do others think about this?  Some think John Kerry will be the next secretary of state?  Really?  What do you think?

4) The New York Times writes on the difficulties Obama will face after his inaguration.  What is the main issue that you want to see Obama address in his first one hundred days?

5) FFF argues that education is a socialist regime.  I argued in my letter that Obama should provide more reforms and more resources for schools, but do you think the federal government should just take a step back instead and let states deal with these issues?

6) Brian Walsh argues if Barack Obama can be a post-imperialist president.


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