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For todays links consider:

1. Look at the New Yorker talk about the nature of red states and blue states in their stances on abortion and how that ultimately affects their views on sex.

2. The New York Times says that your days of watching an unlimited amount of videos for free may be at an end and that iPhones may soon have microsoft office available with editing capabilities.

3. The Economist looks at how the world might look next week after the election and whether WE or the STATE should pay for higher education.

4. The American Thinker tries to make Jesus into a socialist.  Read Jim West’s commentary on the piece here (see also his satire on the quest for the ‘historical’ Jesus).

5. I found this article, an experiment on whether or not people will stop for beauty, from the Blue Fish Project.  The article proves very interesting.  The experiment: have a world famous musician play music in the D.C. metro (Joshua Bell) and see if people stop for him.  People pay $100 a seat for moderately good seats at his shows, but will people stop for him if they think he is just some average Joe?  What does this tell us about Jesus?

6.  Tim Chester writes about Communities of Grace and Communities of Performance.

7.  Tired of consuming and the after thanksgiving day sale rush? Try making something instead (found this on Jordon Cooper’s blog).

8.  ZoeCarnate talks about whether ‘The Shack‘ is too edgy for Christian publishers.

9.  One person asks why church isn’t more like an AA meeting.


10.  A good conversation going on about what it means to have a student centered classroom.


2 thoughts on “…read MORE and learn MORE…

  1. I found the New Yorker article particularly troublesome. Perhaps their definition of “Evangelical” needs to be examined, or perhaps there is a really disturbing trend.

  2. Yes. I have a feeling there will be more books coming in the near future with research on the subject and the statistics will be somewhat interesting for Evangelicals to decipher.

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