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I would like to first say I have reached a milestone on my blog…10,000 views.  This is quite overwhelming (even if a lot of them have been the same people over and over again) to think that this many people have looked at my site.

Over at Juris Naturalist there is an argument against microfarming for social justice.

Father Stephen talks about insisting without superlatives.

Internet Monks, on the eve of Halloween, whether or not there is actually biblical support for the idea that Satan is in competition with God for “souls.”


2 thoughts on “…read MORE and learn more…

  1. OK, I can’t comment on Juris Naturalist without registering and logging in, so I won’t. But I want to say here that I have a HUGE problem with this statement: “If we are giving up a job where we are more productive, purchasing food at the lowest available prices, thus increasing our income and power to consume…”

    That is EXACTLY the PROBLEM with our economy and society. It is based on consumerism. The argument that we should make as much money as possible in order to share with others, regardless of other consequences, turns my stomach.

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