Prayer of the Day

Holy and divine God,

You, the most holy and high father, to whom we pray are the God of the universe.  We praise your holy name and ask, through the infusing power of your spirit and the word of your Son, to grant our requests today.

We pray for belfast, that you would show all people in the city that you are a god of peace.  We pray that the soldiers being welcomed home would be welcomed peaceably, and that those protesting the war would also be greeted peaceably.  Lord, we want to see your kingdom of peace reach to all corners of the world by the witness of your holy saints proclaiming the message of Jesus Christ–the ultimate willingness death on a cross that subverted an empire of control and the resurrection that broke open the powers of empire with pure light of the Father, the Son and the holy spirit.

We pray for those in the margins, that their carnival will go well and that this community would be able to express the pure and powerful light of Christ to those living in South Central.  We know that you want to do a poweful work there.

We ask that you would take care of Sarah while she is in China.

I ask for a pure and powerful gospel to reach the whole world through the divine light of Jesus Christ, or perhaps, to show them what is already there.

We also concur with John’s prayer list.


One thought on “Prayer of the Day

  1. hey Danny, thanks for your interest and your prayers for Belfast. Yesterday was very tense. Around 50k people gathered in the city and though opposing factions were barely 30 paces apart at one stage, and bottles were thrown along with the insults, somehow it never descended into the mindless violence that has so scarred our past. I have no doubt that the prayers of concerned Christians played their part. We all breath a sigh of relief this morning.

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