….rounding out the week….

This week on the blog has really been a resurgence of my writing. I hope to continue writing at this speed with this many posts for the rest of the year and training myself into the new year.  My blog stats have almost hit, 10,000 views, although the majority of those views were probably from friends like Wes.  The hottest blog this week has been my blog on my recent rub with prop 8 and homosexuality.  It has been enlightening to hear all of the different views that surfaced as a result of me writing about my experiences.

This week has also been a resurgence of my blogging on Gatsby.  I hope to blog about Fitzgerald and his classic book more throughout November.

This has also been a week of serious discussion on Jesus and Empire.  This topic is especially relevant as election looms closer and closer.  Mike has written an extensive post dealing with the election and I would suggest reading it (it has a lot of good links too).  I voted early, but it wasn’t for a mainline canddiate.  I voted for Bob Barr more to make a statement that I disagree with both candidates.  Barr stood up against the bailout.  He wants to end big government.  I don’t like Barr’s health-care plan (I think health-care should be socialized and universal), but I like the idea of a smaller government.  I am sick and tired of two party politics…..

and that’s the week.


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