Suburbs, Jesus and Amazon Kindle

There is an interesting conversation going on at common root on the issue of ministry in the suburbs.  Read it!  The suburbs is often a place that many people (including myself) as a boring place to do ministry because most people already are Christians or they are turned off to Christianity for whatever reason.  It is incredibly difficult to create a community in this land of genemerica (as Mark calls it).

Also interesting is some thoughts over at Juris Naturalist about the new Amazon Kindle.  Just as iTunes has taken many record stores out of business, so also Amazon Kindle has the potential to take publishing companies out of business.  There is no way that they will be able to compete with a machine that can hold so many books in its hard drive.  Textbook companies will start facing many of the same problems that the music and move world now face with torrent files.  Students will be illegally sharing copyrighted books that they scan into their computers via pdf files.  And if you can write on the screen to take notes, the kindle is basically the same as having a book in hand.  This will revolutionize the way that universities do class and how students read their textbooks.

It is also one more step in the decentralization of authority in the world.  Now someone could write a book, distribute it through kindle via e-mail or blogs and people read the book virtually free of charge.  Soon enough, it may be enough that people begin self-publishing books and getting them out into the world through the internet rather through any one company.  It will certainly be interesting to watch as these new ideas arise.


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