Honk if you Hate Homosexuals

Honk to protect marriage, one sign said.

I sat at a light on the way to work and a group of five stood on the corner.

Another sign said, honk if you support prop. 9. Prop 9 is a proposed law that would make it illegal for homosexuals to be married in California.

Coming into work I say hi to one of the girls.

“Did you see the people on the corner?” I ask.

“No,” she said. “What is going on?”

“There are all these people protesting prop. 9. You know the one about homosexuality and legalizing it.”

“Oh. I think it’s dumb,” she said.


“That people are so upset about it.  I mean, homosexuals are people too.  You can’t legislate morality.  They are going to be together whether the law says so or not.”

“Who are you going to vote for?” I ask not really responding to what she said.

“Probably Obama,” she said. “I like Obama.”

(UPDATED): Want more on this subject?  An interesting line of logic is used here.


11 thoughts on “Honk if you Hate Homosexuals

  1. “You can’t legislate morality”…eek…that’s a slippery slope. I guess I have a green light to go steal that girl’s purse and punch her grandma without any forensic repercussions.

  2. My 9 year old daughter and I were driving on a suburban road, I saw the 8 proponents waiving signs, and I thought I’d be unsafe holding up a No on 8 sign here. On any given day, I’d be unsafe holding hands with a man in most parts of California.

    While most folks supporting 8 don’t intend to foster hate–calling same-sex unions a ‘threat’ justifies in the minds of many a violent response to that ‘threat.’

    No on 8!

    I remember when I was a kid, feminism was considered the imminent threat to traditional marriage. The fight to keep women legally inferior to men was ultimately lost, as will attempts to define gay and lesbian led families as deviant and unworthy of a state issued marriage contract.

    No on 8.

  3. What do I think the lines are? hard to say…all I was saying is that nearly EVERY legislative order is based on moral a moral issues, whether it has to do with homosexuality, finance, or capital punishment. I listened to an interesting argument in which two Christians tried to convince the other that they were wrong on their stance on the abortion. One said it was morally unacceptable to put forth legislation that takes a human life, and the other said it was morally wrong to take a way a woman’s right to choose and over populate the nation with infants that cannot be adequately cared for.

    By point is that both sides of every argument are, in your words, litigating a world view upon another, both in the real example above, and in the case of both opinions regarding proposition 8.

  4. Interesting Nate. I agree that all legislative action is, to some degree, moral, but legislation is also based on protection. Who are we protecting by creating this law? Are we protecting a woman’s right to choose or are we protecting a value that life is precious and cannot be destroyed?

    What is it that we are protecting with prop 8?

  5. thanks for the comments. I agree I think Christianity in America has become way to political. I think Prop 8 is revealing a lot about the hearts of the church in America. Some where along the lines, there needs to be radical compassion.

    Anyways, nice blog.

  6. Proposition 8 was created to protect the fragile egos of the Spiritual Arrogants…you know, those who think their God is better than your God?

    Proposition 8 was created to help these superiority-complexed couples maintain their belief that their SOULS are somehow “better than” our souls.

    Sure, we can debate our worth as human beings and have equality fundraisers…

    – or –

    We can stand up to a federal government that desperately invents new 4-letter words (DOMA, DADT) in an attempt to continue denying us the rights and protections WE ALREADY DESERVE as tax-payers in America. Some of us have even STOPPED sanctioning this discrimination financially.



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