How to be a Successful Person

People are constantly asking the question, “How can I become a successful person in this world?”  While many people have many answers to this question, I would like to add my own thoughts here.

1. Less is more.  You are not Henry Ford trying to mass produce the automobile, and you might do better to give up some of the things in your life to be more successful at the few things you do well.

2.  Figure out what your greatest strengths are and play to those everyday.  There are those of the camp that believe you need to work on your weaknesses and make them better, but I have found that working on my strengths rather than my weaknesses often focuse my energy on the positives, making me an overall more healthy person.

3.  Find ways to skimp on spending.  If you can take the bus instead of drive, do it.  If you can eat in instead of out, then do it.  There are thousands of ways to do this (including craiglists and garage sales for those of you who have too much stuff).

4.  Talk to people.  Instead of plowing through your work alone or trying to get things done quicker, have conversations with people eveywhere you go (e.g. at the supermarket, at work, and everywhere in between).  Talking will stimulate ideas in your brain that you might not think about otherwise.


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