Driving home on the bus the sky is a dark blue and the sun has silently exploded along the bottom of the sea shooting off faint dark reds into each direction eternally.  I search out the window for something faintly fading just as the light disappears into the distance.  Night descends once again on the world and the world hardly notices.

I don’t always notice the different  blues in the dusk, and the way the trees are black silhouettes against the coming darkness.

I don’t always notice the ways the colors are constantly changing every moment and every second as night looms closer and closer.

I don’t always notice the trees that look like monsters with its bare arms and its exposed body. 

Sometimes I do.

But most days I’m just too busy.  


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  1. The other day I saw my five year old laying on the grass staring up at the sky. It looked like he was tracing clouds with his finger. He did it for at least half an hour.

    It made me remember how much time I spent observing instead of doing.

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