“So are we responsible for the homeless?” I ask the students in Sunday School.

“Yes,” Grace says.  “But we have to be careful, because we don’t know who they are.”

“Yeah,” said Nicole. “We can’t be sure of their intentions.  In Mexico, a guy who acted like a blind hobo stole a bunch of stuff out of the back of our van.”

“Yes,” I say.  “But how can we know who they are or their intentions if we don’t ask them or talk to them?”

“For instance, you go shopping at Old Navy or wherever, and all those clothes are being made by people in poor countries where the workers are paid less than a dollar a day.  You go to the store and pay twenty times what their worth while the people who made them starve and those who already have too much money make even more.”

“So we should just stop shopping?” Nicole asks.

“Well is that the Christian thing to do?” I ask.

“I guess so,” Ethan mutters.

“You guess?”

“Yeah,” says Ethan. “I guess.”


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  1. Danny, How did you resolve this question with the students on Sunday and how did this connect to the study on James?…Wg

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