Barack Obama writes for the New York Times on Iraq

Barack Obama recently finished a piece for the New York Times on his stance in Iraq.  I have been listening to the news for a while now, and I think a lot of the pundits who argue that he has “flip-flopped” are wrong.  I am no gung-ho supporter of Obama, but this latest idea that he would stay indefinitely in the commanders asked for it is wrong.  Of course we can expect the military to want to stay.  Many of the top level officials in Iraq are going to ask Obama for a blank check if he becomes president.  There will be leaders who may come out and speak against him.  The good news, however, is that George Bush is already talking about pulling out some of the troops to redeploy them in Iraq.  My question for Mr. Obama, however, is more simplistic.  If you find the violence increasing and a civil war taking place, will you continue to pull troops out of Iraq?

This is really the base of all republican fears, and he will lose credibility if violence erupts after the troops leave.  That would be a war cry for any 2012 president.  So my question is how much is Mr. Obama really wishing to risk?  If he finds that violences increases or will he, as so many other presidents have done, give into the grey zones that sometimes occur when one must make the tough decisions as commander in chief.


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