Today is $0.30

I road my bike to work today.  I live about a mile from the In-N-Out Burger that I work at.  Luckily, when I do drive my car of choice is a stick shift Honda Civic that gets about 25-30 miles to the gallon.  If I average 30 miles to the gallon, this means that I saved $0.15 on the way to work and $0.15 on the way back.  Seems like small potatoes, but consider if I did this for a year.  I would be save approximately $109.50 a year.  But consider if all the people on the day shift did this (and they lived about a mile a way from work).  We would save in total if 15 people are working (average) $1,642.50 a year.  Now, if all the people in the company of In-N-Out rode their bikes to work and lived an average of one mile from work (217 stores) the associates of In-N-Out would save $356,422.50 a year.  We don’t have to give all of our money to the oil companies, but it will take us working together to make it happen.


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