Obama and Iraq

All quotes on this page are taken directly from Senator Obama’s webpage:

I have no serious qualms with Senator Obama, and I think I would vote for him at this time over Senator McCain, but I have some serious questions about Obama’s plan for Iraq, and I think it is time that people begin asking the tough questions.  I want to look at some of the things I have not heard much about on the news.  This is what Obama says about withdrawing from Iraq:

“Obama will make it clear that we will no build any permanent bases in Iraq…if al Qaeda attempts to build a base within Iraq, he will keep troops in Iraq or elsewhere in the region to carry out targeted strikes on al Qaeda.”

First, Senator Obama, how will we know if al Qaeda is attempting to build a base in Iraq if we have no intelligence in the region?  Second, how can we carry out targeted strikes if we have no permanent bases in Iraq?  Are we expecting the Iraqi government to let us come back in to carry out these tactical strikes?  What does Senator Obama mean by these targeted strikes?  I wonder if Mr. Obama has seen “Black Hawk Down” and considered the seriousness of tactical strikes in unstable areas where the US does not have a large presence already.

Obama also says that he will take serious diplomatic action in Iraq’s neighboring countries.  He would meet with all the major leaders of all the major regions surrounding Iraq to form what he calls a “compact” which would keep other countries from “meddling” in Iraq.  These statements are unclear and confusing.  What would such a compact look like?  Obama, as Senator McCain likes to bring up on a regular basis, has never visited Iraq, has never met the leaders of Iraq, has virtually no experience in foreign policy, and this is how he wants to play the game?  I agree with some pundits who have called on Obama to name his cabinet in advance.  I think this would help him in this area where he clearly lacks experience.  Just a few things to think about in this election season.  



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