Barack Obama and Reverend Wright Contreversy

I don’t usually make predictions, but I have a feeling that Wright is going to hurt Obama.  It has nothing to do with Wright himself.  It has to do with what Wright said at the press conference a few days ago.  He said that politicians make decisions politically and pastors make decisions pastorally.  He went on to mention that Obama basically looks at polls and then decides how he is going to act based on those polls.  Whether it is true or not, the whole situation looks like Obama is distancing himself from Wright for political reasons, and that make people like me, who have a love for things like liberation theology, wonder how audacious Obama’s hope really is.  I know that he is a good man and that he wants change, but there was nothing worth “denouncing” in his speech at the press conference.  It’s going to hurt him in the long run because it makes it look like he acting out of fear of a drop in the polls.  Idealist candidates are always hurt when it looks like they are making decisions based on polls.


5 thoughts on “Barack Obama and Reverend Wright Contreversy

  1. Yeah, I agree with you on this prediction and the reasoning behind it. 99.9 percent of folks out there have probably never heard of black liberation theology and are not looking to be educated on its tenets, but they are looking for someone who is not wishy washy.

  2. Yeah. I was having a conversation with my roommate about it. It is hard enough for Christians to question even things like salvation, ecclessiology, and the idea that America might resemble Rome. Liberation theology is even harder for many to swallow. Without an education in theology and all of its intricacies it is really hard to understand what Rev. Wright is saying. Luckily my roommate is taking a class on liberation theology right now, so it is interesting.

  3. Coldfire…”America might resemble Rome…”
    Have you read, ‘Are We Rome, the Fall of an Empire and the Fate of America”

    It’s a great read, highly objective, and kind of creepy.

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