Japanese Internment Camps

Reading this week in my California history book has been disheartening.  Once again, there was a time in US History when a minority race was set against the majority because of people’s fear.  Japanese were interned simply for the fact that they were Japanese.  The most interesting person, however, was Earl Warren who originally allowed for the injustices to go on as a governor of California, but later said it was the greatest mistake of his life.  He went on to become chief justice of the United States and fought for civil rights for all people.  It is interesting the way that people can change and grow to become better people.  In some sense we are all Saul on our own road to Damascus.  We have to be careful how quickly we write people off.  I think it is also important to remember, however, that the reason Warren gave into the internment was societal pressure.  We also have to remember that we are going to be motivated often by a “the will of the people” which can also be the “democratic tyranny.”  As Christians, we need to be able to stand for our rights.


2 thoughts on “Japanese Internment Camps

  1. danny, have you read snow falling on cedars by david guterson. it’s a beautiful novel set in the pacific northwest during this period. at it’s heart is a love story between a japanese girl and an american boy.

    it opened my eyes to this period of history.

    btw did you know that the only bomb to fall on continental usa during the second world war fell in the last days of that war and was carried across the pacific from japan by balloon! it killed a pastor and some children on a sunday school outing.

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