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Should we be having Kingdom Conversation?

I certainly think so.

There are good posts going on at Kingdom Conversations that are dealing with an analysis of the theological value of contemporary Christian music.  There are new posts there on Chris Tomlin’s Made to Worship (by yours truly), and another post on Jeremy Camp done by my good friend Wes.

Chadwick has posted some good thoughts on narrative theology that will add greatly to our conversation in making things like the creeds more accessible to a modern audience.

Andrew Jones and Brian McLaren discuss his book Everything Must Change at Jones’ blog.

Are you reading my blog, but intimidated to start your own?  Anna has some good thoughts at her blog on how to start your own blog.  I think it will end up being an interesting series.

If you are having trouble following the Obama/Wright Contreversey, I would suggest checking this site out.

Finally, check out Halden’s thesis on the three main things  foci of theology.


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