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…a new experiment…

To the readers of my blog,

I am trying something new on a new blog called Kingdom Conversations.  The idea behind the new blog is to get together a group of people who want to talk about deep theological issues in a web-based discussion community.  I already have one person involved with writing posts for the site, but I am looking for many more.  The categories on the new blog right now include the following:

Music:  I am looking for people who want to take the time to write one or two articles a week on the topic of worship music and contemporary Christian music.  Right now I am personally working on a series over there (in progress) of the power of worship in forming Christian theology by looking through the WOW hits of 2008.  If you are interested in writing these types of articles where you analyze the current industry of Christian music, I would encourage you to e-mail me or leave a comment below.  I am looking for analysis of the industry and what direction you think the industry of Christian music is going.

Jesus:  This section is dedicated to the big man himself, Jesus Christ.  On this part of the site I am looking for bloggers interested in writing about how we can embody the teachings of Jesus in a postmodern world.  I am also looking for people who are interested in connecting Jesus to those who have spoken about him throughout church history.  For instance, I have an article in this section comparing how catholic theologian Hans Urs Von Balthasar interpreted Jesus.  If you have other ideas for how we can discuss these things, I am always open to hearing new ideas.

Poverty: This section of Kingdom Conversations is open to those who want to discuss the issues of social justice, peace for the world, and how to deal with poverty domestically and abroad.  I am interested in original ideas and innovative thinking.  Please visit this section to see the wonderful work that Amber Bishop has done in putting up the first article.

I  am also hoping in the near future to add sections on theology, church history, and controversial social issues, but I am going to wait until the first three get off the ground.  If you submit an article, you will be linked on kingdom conversations, and you will quite possibly be blog rolled on my own blog.  I am not a particularly high volume site, but I do get anywhere from 100-150 readers a day, and some of that traffic will follow you back to your site as kingdom conversations gets up and running.  I hope that some of you will consider writing for us.  If you are interested please e-mail me at


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