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Connection from Liturgy to Life

“In contemplation…we have found the link which joins the two halves of Christian existence ­ the “work of God” in the realm of the Church and the work of man in the everyday world ­ into a firm unity. Contemplation binds the two together in a single liturgy which is both sacred and secular, ecclesial and cosmic. Without contemplation it would scarcely be possible to unite the two, for the simple reason that, practically and psychologically, the effect of the Church’s liturgy fades as the day proceeds, and the world’s work is for the most part remote from it. Some link is necessary if they are to be drawn together in a lived, spiritual unity. In contemplation, however, liturgy becomes Spirit, and this Spirit can become incarnate in everyday life. In some way or other, of course, this is what happens necessarily in every authentic Christian life: anyone who assists at Mass with devotion and knows what he is doing when he receives communion is bound to pay attention to the spiritual meaning of the celebration and its offer to refashion the Christian’s everyday life.”

Hans Urs von Balthasar


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