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Thoughts on the Emergent – Part 5

In my continuing series on the emergent church, I was reading an interesting article from Christianity Today on what makes a church missional. This word “missional” has roots which need to be studied further and systematized for our generation because the article from Christianity today showed how confusing the term has become. It is a reminder to me of how important language is in the emergent movement. Emerging Christians have centered around words like kingdom of God, missional, social justice and ecclesiology and defines these words within their new subculture.  The article notes that, “Whereas Missional Church sought to free Scripture from its cultural captivity, some kingdom theologies reduce the gospel to a fashionable cultural creed of ethics, inclusion, and social action.”  They argue that emergent leaders like McLaren might be part of such a “fashionable cultural creed.”  

What do you guys think?

Is emergent simply fashionable or is there more to it?


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