Mexico this weekend

“The higher up you go, the poorer it gets,” Laticia said.

Laticia was taking us up through Tecate this weekend to a drug rehab center in the hills.  The real estate here in America is so opposite from Mexico.  In America, the high up laguna hills are the most expensive properties you can buy.

“We built a house for a couple a few years ago, and they decided in their small house they wanted to start a drug rehab center.  In their small little house, with only two rooms, they wanted to start a rehab center.  And they were very clean people.”

She said the word clean like it was really important.

“It is so interesting how we always think they are so lazy,” I said.

“Yes,” said Wes.  “We come down here to build houses for them, and then they turn around and turn them into rehab centers.”

“Now they have a bigger property given to them by a pastor,” Laticia said.  “It is large because the pastor has a lot of land.”

We get lost on the way there, but when we finally find it, I realize that she is not kidding.  It is one of the largest rehab centers I have ever seen.

Carlos ran the rehab center with his wife.

“Hola,” Laticia said as we got out of the car.  “Buenos Noches.”

“Buenos Noches,” he said with a harrowed smile.

I wondered if he was once a victim of alcoholism.  I wonder if we are all victims of something.  And if there was nothing else on this trip, it was worth it to see a man with wrinkles on his face.  Wrinkles aren’t something you can buy, they aren’t commodities like so many churches in America, they can only be earned.  They have to be put on with age.  With a hearty smile.

This, if anything, is ministry.


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