Good quotes and thoughts

I was out for the weekend in Mexico, but I was reading Jesus the Radical Pastor tonight and one particular part of John’s blog hit me at the heart:

“We need, as many Christian scholars and pastors are calling for, a theology of the common good. A welcoming place to meet with people of other expressions of Christianity, other faiths (including Muslims) or lack of faith, and through respectful dialogue create what a civil society longs for–the good of all.”

We are really apt to think that most people are out for their common good. On the way home today from Mexico Ty‘s truck overheated and caught on fire. Luckily, no one was hurt as we got out of the car, and fire began to engulf the truck.

“No one is going to stop,” I said in my head. “This is America.”

As I thought this I instantly saw a black Jeep backing up in the shoulder and a man came out running with a fire extinguisher to put out the car. Soon after that another car stopped and another man with an extinguisher helped put out the flames and quickly grab as much luggage as possible out of the back of the truck. A forest fire truck that wasn’t even on duty pulled over when they saw the flames to put to the fire out.

“Wow,” Amanda said afterwards. “All of these people stopping to help makes me want to cry.”

Those who aren’t in such a hurry, who are willing to stop on the freeway, may perhaps be the ones who will also sit down long enough to discuss the common good for humanity. It is not an impossible task, and Imight even question the generally assumed capitalistic principle that all people are out for their own good. Every now and then we might stop and help someone else.

From now on I plan to carry a fire extinguisher in my trunk.


One thought on “Good quotes and thoughts

  1. That is much like the biblical story where there is a man on the side of the road in need of help. Would anyone stop to help? Stories like this give me hope for our society’s future. I think not everyone is blind to the needs of others, and the sooner more and more people jump on that bandwagon, the better. I wrote something similar on my blog you may like. Thanks!!

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