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Thoughts on the Emergent Movement – Part 4

There is continued conversation going on at Jesus Creed, and this time John Frye has brought up another interesting point about Emergents and their relationships to pacifism. This if the first time that we are looking at a really specific subject within the emergent church as a whole (and thus, not all emergents may agree on this topic). This is how Frye put it:

“I think another trait of the emergent movement that is viewed as a strength by some and perhaps a glaring weakness by others is *the rejection of violence* (war) as a way to wage world transformation. There seems to be a Jesus-based pacifism among emergents. Am I correct in this observation?”

I am wondering if those emergents who are “in” on the conversation have to say about this?


One thought on “Thoughts on the Emergent Movement – Part 4

  1. I find it difficult to read the words of Jesus and NOT find him calling for the “Kingdom’s Way” of peace instead of the world’s way of violence. But not in a pacifist way, not in a turn the other cheek so you can smack me again way…in a “third way”. Read Walter Winks wonderful piece on Jesus’ Third Way:

    We, in America, have twisted the gospel in order for it to fit our way of consumerist life, and in doing so have made the way of Jesus a very wide road. The way of Jesus is extremely difficult and upside down.

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